Architectural Features

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Outhouse blue

The blue outhouse.. perfect little starter building for your collection!


Tree Trunk Steps

A little tree trunk with steps beautiful addition to your fairy garden.


Leaf Tree Swing

A very pretty branch and leaf effect fairy swing.


Wooden Rope Bridge

A lovely little brown rope effect bridge.


Twisted Branch Bridge

A lovely little brown branch effect bridge.


Cobbled Bridge

A little stone cobble effect bridge. Approximately 12cm length


Cobble Path

A little stone cobble path perfect little touch to a fairy garden. approx 12cm length


Village Duck Pond

A miniature duck pond. Ducks available to buy seperate.


Vegetable Garden

A lovely little fairy vegetable your fairies do any gardening?? Why not keep them busy looking after this.


Traditional Telephone Box

This traditional red telephone box is approximately 8cm in height.


Traditional Post Box

This traditional red post box is a lovely little touch to add to outside your fairy house! Attached to stone post with 'letters only' in gold writing it is approximately 5cm in height.


Victorian Lampost

Beautiful bronze coloured victorian lamp! Perfect for any little fairy garden.


Wooden Gazebo

Why not give your fairies a lovely little wooden gazebo for their garden...they will definately have a good view of their liittle world!


Rock Fish Pond

A rock fish pond Approx.13cm wide. This little pond of fish has beautiful yelllow, pink and orange flowers scattered around the edge.


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