Fairy Garden at the beach

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Shell Beach Cottage

Beautiful shell beach fairy cottage with shell effect roof, little windows and wood effect door.


Pearl Shell House

Pearl coloured shell fairy house with windows, door, chimney and light.


Beach Hut

Blue and white beach hut with brown slate roof, sea horses and crab detail.


Ice Cream Van

Mr Whippy ice cream fairy van. Blue and white with red writing.


Surfer Van

Blue and white surfer camper van approx. 18cm length.


Rock Lighthouse

Detailed rock lighthouse. Perfect for your fairy beach world.


Lifebuoy House

Keep your fairy beach world safe with this gorgeous lifebuoy house. 



Blue, red and yellow windbreak.


Deck Chair

Blue and white striped deck chair.


Red Bucket & Spade

Miniature red bucket and spade.


Beach Ball

Miniature beach ball.



Miniature sandcastle with red flag.



Pack of 3 shells.


To the Beach Sign

Wood effect sign. 'To the beach' with pointing arrow.


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