Our History

 Welcome to The Little Fairyworks

The place where inspiration and imagination come together to help you create your perfect Fairy World

The only limit to what you can create is your imagination.

 As a busy mum of three living on a farm in the heart of the County Antrim countryside, I know how wonderfully inquisitive children can be - so eager to learn new things, explore new spaces, discover new places. Imagination can make growing up a magical adventure, the best times of their lives, creating memories that will last forever. That’s why I created ‘The Little Fairyworks’, a place where inspiration and imagination come together to help the young (and the not-so-young) create magical Fairy Worlds to share and enjoy.

Beautifully detailed pieces in miniature for gardens or just for fun!

We’ve brought together in one place everything you’ll need to make your fairy dreams come true - from fairies, gnomes and magical creatures to houses, doors, furniture, containers and all sorts of little bits and pieces that will make your Fairy World truly unique. Each piece we offer has been specially selected by us based on quality and attention to detail, so you can be sure they’ll be perfect for you,

We hope you enjoy visiting ‘The Little Fairyworks’.

Our promise

If there’s anything we can help you with, or anything you need that we haven’t shown, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch and we’ll get straight back to you, we promise.

Our philosophy

We believe in the power of imagination and the magic of Fairy Worlds.

We’ve got everything you need to make your fairy dreams come true.

Enchanting and timeless works of art in miniature.

Creating magical little worlds to explore and enjoy.

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